Friday, 7 March 2014

How To Make Your Lipstick Last All Day!!

Lipstick is my favourite makeup item however I'm sure most of you ladies will agree with me when I say I don't like re-applying my lipstick. Especially when I have spent so long applying a lipstick the last thing I want is for the lipstick to wear off. So with that being said I have learned a few tricks and tips on how to keep my lipstick lasting all day err day!

Step 1: It is very important to use a lip scrub at least twice a week. This removes the dead skin on the surface of your lips and allows applying your lipstick to go on smoothly. I have posted how you can create your own lip scrub at home.

Step 2: Next step is applying a thin coat of lip balm which will easily absorb into your lips. This will prevent your lips from getting dry and chapped! If you have too much lip balm on then take off the excess as it will prevent your lipstick from staying on as it will slide off which is a secret tip ;)

Step 3: Apply your lip liner. Applying a lip liner before applying a lipstick is very important in keeping the colour and lip product to last all day.

Step 4: Now you're ready to apply the lipstick. Using a lip brush allows you to apply the lipstick evenly and if you have carvesses the lipstick doesn't appear creased than if you used the lipstick straight from the tube.

Step 5: Using a concealer and small thin brush or your lip brush (once cleaned properly) apply a concealer around your lips. 

Step 6: We have finally made it to the last step woo hoo! Now this is another secret tip and which I think is very important too! Place a tissue paper on top of your lips and taking your powder and a powder dab a small amount of the powder to "set" the lipstick. 

So those were my steps on how to keep your lip product lasting all day! It might seem like a lot to do but I personally follow these steps when I'm rocking a dark or bold lip colour! Anyhoo I hope you find this useful and if you have any tips leave them in the comments I would like to read them.


Friday, 28 February 2014

February Favourites 2014

Hello Folks!

I have been loving a few products this month which I would love to share with you. As usual I got sucked into purchasing some products this month and let's just say I'm glad I did because they have turned into my favourites!

Anyhoo let's begin...

  • A coral blusher with flecks of glitter that goes well with medium to dark skin tones.  
  • The perfect shade of blush for my skin tone without it being BAM in your face! 
  • Applies on effortlessly and lasts all day.


  • Literally magic in a tube providing a great canvas to apply foundation.
  • Gives that J-Lo type glow.
  • I tend to mix this primer with my foundations.
  • Looks great in pictures as flash picks up primer and highlights the glow.


  • Very pigmented and extremely black.
  • Creamy texture.
  • Easy to apply and blend.
  • Last almost all day.
  • Great to use as a base for applying eyeshadow.


  • Matte lipstick by Mac in the shade 'Flat Out Fabulous'.
  • A cool toned pink almost purple.
  • Received a lot of compliments whenever I wear this lipstick.
  • Does not require much touch up throughout the day.


  • Gel/mousse like consistency.
  • Applies on smoothly and lasts all day without budging after it sets.
  • Colour I have is in 'Pomade' which is perfect for those who have black hair like me.
  • Perfect for blending and lining the brows.
  • A little product goes a long way and is great for filling in sparse areas to give the illusion of perfect/flawless brows.
  • Definitely worth the hype.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Rita Ora Grammy 2014 Makeup Tutorial

Who all watched the Grammy's a few days ago? I was watching what everyone was wearing and I have to say I love Beyonce's dress and Rita Ora's makeup. If only they were put together it would be in my opinion the perfect look. So with that being said I just had to re create Rita's makeup look cause she was just looking flawlesssss!!!

Her makeup here is different from her signature look which consists of winged eyeliner and red lips. This subtle purple smokey eye and nude pink lips is easy to re-create.

Kathy Jeung was the makeup artist who created this beautiful look on Rita and used ARMANI Luminous Silk Foundation so that is what I used on myself too to also give me the flawless but glowy face.

I used MAYBELLINE Colour Tattoo in Painted Purple as a base all over the lid.
I then used sleek storm palette and applied the burgundy colour which is on the top row on the very right hand side. This was applied with a blending brush in the crease.
I then packed on L'OREAL Infallible Eyeshadow in Purple obsession all over the lid with a flat shader brush.
Using a clean blending brush I blended the crease where the burgundy and purple meet.
With a pencil brush I applied the same eyeshadow I used on my lid on my lower lash line.
For eyeliner I used SOAP & GLORY black eyeliner in the water line and lash line and using a liquid eyeliner I lined the top lash line.

Rita has on the perfect pink nude lipstick so I applied Pink Plaid by MAC as it is the right shade of pink that can go with any skin tone.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon- First Impression!


Today's little post will be my first impression on lip crayons. It's about time I get my hands on these lip crayons so instead of splurging on the clinique chubby sticks I've decided to try Bourjois's version and see what is so different with lip crayons compared to lipstick!


  • Bare lips sensation due to it's light and non-sticky texture.
  • Comfort and hydration for up to 10 hours.
  • SPF 15.
  • Waterproof colour.
  • 4 bold shades.


  • Does not necessarily give a bare lip sensation as you can feel the texture of the product on the lip.
  • Definitely light feeling and non-sticky as it claims.
  • Does provide hydration but does not have lasting power of 10 hours.
  • It is not water proof as I constantly drink water throughout the day, it would remove some of the product from my lips.
  • Only 2 out all the shades appear bold (Fuchsia Libre and Red Sunrise).
  • Retailed at £7.99 which is a lot for Bourjois brand.
  • Was a bit disappointed as the colours were not as bold as it claims.
  • Appeared very glossy and was hydrating.
  • I would give it 2/5 stars.
Have you tried this product?  If so let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below.

Until next time...Alvida!


Sunday, 22 December 2013

My Current Winter Face Routine

Hey Ya'll

How is everyone doing this month? It's been hectic in my life and have so much going on but with that being said I have made time for my blog :)

Also can I mention how awesome Beyonce's new surprise album is. When it dropped last week I was quick to purchase it from itunes and let's just say I'm a tad bit obsessed. My favourite song is 'Drunk in Love'. Have you heard it...what's your favourite song?

Anyhoo let's get into this post shall we??

So as mentioned in the title of this post I will be sharing my current foundation or face routine I am using during the winter season.

So as it is winter it has become terribly cold and with having dry skin the cold weather certainly does not help so the days I wear makeup I like to use products that will keep my skin hydrated and flake free.

Now I have to say I don't wear this makeup every day only the days I feel like wearing makeup.

1) Oilatum Natural Face Repair Cream
After cleansing and toning my face I apply my favourite moisturiser which I can't live without as it moisturises my skin and makes my skin feel like a baby's bottom! I have discussed this product in more detail in one of my previous blog posts if you want to check it out!

2) Benefit Porefessional Primer
I feel like every girl needs a primer because it makes such a difference on how the makeup looks on your face. The benefit primer is amazing for my skin as it literally reduces the size of my pores and the foundation applies on effortlessly and appears more flawless!

3) Maybelline Baby Lips
Girl you gotta keep those lips hydrated. Maybelline baby lips is my favourite lip balm to use before applying lipstick as they are very hydrating but not so moisturising that the lipstick glides off the lips.

4) Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
Before I discovered this foundation I was using Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation during the winter season to give me that hydrated glow during the winter season.  I have discussed in more detail as to why I like this foundation as well as a dupe for it if you want to check it out at However this winter season I have been using Giorgio Armani's foundation just because I wanted to try something different and find that this foundation is great for the cold season as it is quite moisturising and light on the skin.

5) Sleek Corrector and Concealer Palette
I love this palette for the corrector and the setting powder for after using the corrector and the concealer. However I do not use the concealer from this palette as I use another one that I prefer.

6) Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
Every time I try a new concealer I always find myself coming back to this concealer simply because it does the job of concealing my dark under eye circles.  By far the best concealer I have ever tried so if you have not tried it I suggest checking it out because you will not be disappointed!

7) Mac Studio Fix Powder
As I have dry skin I don't tend to use powder as much but when I do it would be on my T-Zone to set the foundation as my T-zone can sometimes get oily.

8) Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil
As I have thick eyebrows I don't fill them in often but when I do I use rimmel's brand as the colour of the pencil does not make my eyebrows look too drawn in.

9) Rimmel Soft Khol Eyeliner Pencil
The eyeliner is in black and I like this eyeliner for "everyday" makeup as it is soft and creamy and does not smudge on my waterline like a lot of eyeliners do. It also is a great dupe for feline eyeliner by Mac

10) Maybelline Volume Rocket Express Mascara
I just recently came across this mascara and have fallen in love with it already. It works just as good as Benefit's They'Re Real Mascara in my opinion. As I don't have voluminous or long lashes I can use this mascara to give the illusion that I do have full and long lashes.

11) Sleek Contour Kit
I always contour my face as it really does give the illusion of a slimmer face and who doesn't want that so sleek's contour palette does the job without it looking muddy or too dark and depending on how I apply it the contour can look natural or dramatic.

12) Riri hearts Mac Pleasure Bomb Lipstick
The winter trend is all about the dark lips and with having an almost natural makeup I have been using Rihanna's lipstick in Pleasure Bomb!

So these are the products I have been using as my "everyday" makeup routine. Now that I have typed up this blog I have realised I use way too many products haha! Anyhoo I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I would like to know what's your favourite products to use during the winter season in the comments :)


Saturday, 14 December 2013

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Review

Yes this little beauty has been released in the UK. I have been waiting eagerly for this palette to come out because of the hype in the beauty community and because of those who have got their hands on this palette in the USA that have been raving about it.

First of all lets talk about the packaging. As you can see it's rose gold!!! I love anything and everything to do with rose gold and like naked 2 it is a tin material. It has naked 3 written in an antique form across the front of the tin. I also like the way the tin clicks. It has that satisfying click sound where you know the palette is closed properly unlike naked 1 which does not close or.  The rose gold tin reflects the colours of the eyeshadows which I will discuss in detail.

Here are swatches of the eyeshadows on my arm

There are 12 new eyeshadows ...yes new! The palette comes with a double ended brush. One side is a flat brush which can be used to pack the eyeshadows on the lid and the other end has a fluffy brush which can be used to blend the colours. Dare I forget to mention the huge ass mirror which is standard for the naked palettes.

Unlike naked 1 and 2 where some of the eyeshadows were the same the naked 3 have all brand new eyeshadows.  Not only are they new but they have different tones in comparison to the first two naked palettes. Naked 1 is a bronze theme, naked 2 has neutral tones and naked 3 have pink tones. Now you might be thinking hmm well pink eyeshadows are not my thing as I know a lot of people dislike the way pink eyeshadows look on them. Well not to worry because the eyeshadows are quite warm and have some dark shadows to help you blend the colours together.

Here are details of the eyeshadows from left to right:

Strange- Pale matte pink colour great for under the eyebrows.

Dust-A metallic pink colour with chunky glitter. Does have a bit of fall out!

Burnout- A coral pink satin colour.

Limit-A matte dusty pink.

Buzz-A metallic but shimmery rose colour.

Trick-A metallic pinky champagne colour. Great for inner corner and highlighting brow bone.

Nooner-A matte pinky taupe colour.

Liar-Metallic but shimmery mauve colour.

Factory-Bronzy pink shimmery colour.

Mugshot-Metallic but shimmery taupe colour with pink undertones.

Darkside-A dark satin grey mauve colour great for crease.

Blackheart-A dark shimmery black colour with micro pink glitters.

So as you can see the colours of the eyeshadows are very versatile as they can be used to create an everyday look to a smokey night out or special occasion look. There are three matte shadows and the rest are satin or shimmery.  I have fallen hard for this palette and probably has outdone the other two palettes. My favourite has to be blackheart because it is such a unique colour and I don't believe I have such a colour in my collection.

The product retails for £37.00 and will be released in the stores on the 16th December here in the UK.  It is also available for pre-order online at House of Fraser Debenhams or Beauty Bay.

So that's my thoughts on this magic of a palette. What do you think of the naked 3?


Sunday, 1 December 2013

Artist of Makeup Foundation Review

Boy am I excited about this product!!!

So for a long time I thought Laura Mercier was the best for full coverage foundation and there cannot be any other foundation that can be as good or better. Was I wrong? Well yes because there is a new foundation in the market or should I say a new brand called Artist of Makeup which has now become my favourite foundation! Don't get me wrong I still love me my Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation and is the reason why I did a review on it.

So a background history, this brand has been brought about by a self taught makeup artist by the name of Zukreat.  I came across her through Youtube when I was looking at Heife Wehbe's makeup tutorials and her tutorial stood out for me.  Her makeup skills are really something as she is creative and different from a lot of other makeup artists in how she creates various makeup looks. So when she launched her makeup line the first product I ordered was the foundation cause ya'll know I love my foundations. The service was amazing cause the product came through in the same week.

This is the packaging of the foundation and retails at £15.00. It comes in a pan form so the product can be stored in palettes which is great if you have a lot of makeup but don't have enough room to store it anywhere. I am in the shade 30 and was easy for me to choose my shade as Zukreat has matched the foundations with MAC foundation shades on her website.

Here is a before and after look of applying just one layer. Before being the left picture and after being the right picture.  This was took in natural daylight so you can see that after applying the foundation my skin looks even and flawless. I don't really need concealer because my under eye circles have been covered well which cuts down my time for when I apply my makeup so that is a thumbs up for me!
I use the Real Techniques buffing brush when I want the most coverage and a flat foundation brush or a sponge for a lighter coverage.

The foundation unlike most other full coverage foundations does not feel heavy or "cakey" on the skin. I don't feel like I am wearing any foundation. The makeup is a cream texture and gives the skin a satin look. I find that after wearing the foundation all day I don't need to touch up and this may be due to having dry skin so I cannot say for sure if those with oily skin would need to touch up.

So anyway those are my thoughts on the foundation and I am excited to try some other products from Artist of Makeup range. I hope you enjoyed reading this review and if you have tried the foundation give me your thoughts by leaving a comment.

If you are interested in purchasing any makeup products from Artist of Makeup check out the website